If you are a Tally User, you will agree that everything that happens in the business goes through Tally. 

The Tally Accounting Software is built so conveniently that any transaction can be retrieved within a few keyboard strokes without even touching the mouse. 

But to find a document corresponding to a transaction in Tally, Accountants have no option but go through large bundles of files. 

Hence wasting their precious time in finding the document because documentation happens outside Tally and is still not paperless. Finding the relevant documents is a huge wastage of time and energy in every audit.

Wouldn’t it be worthwhile if you could access documents pertaining to any transaction without going through large bundles of Files?   

Now this is possible if your Tally is synced with Finsights

On Finsights Tally on Mobile App, you can not only attach unlimited documents to your transactions and ledgers on Tally but also access them from any device anywhere. 

Whether it is a Purchase Bill, Credit Card Bill or a Bill of Entry, you can directly click pictures of the documents from your Finsights Tally Mobile app and map them to the transactions on your Tally. 

Next time when your Boss asks you for an important document, don’t go to the documentation room. Simply share it with him on WhatsApp with Finsights.

(Additional perk: Audit team can find all the documents by themselves without troubling the Accountants. )